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Turbine, Compressor and Other Rotating Machinery

From motors running air handling units, compressors in petrochemical plants, or steam and gas turbines in power generation plants, rotating machinery plays a varied role in essential technology. We rely heavily on the continuous and efficient operation of these machines in our domestic lives, as well as when running our businesses. When a failure occurs in one of these machines, the impact is usually catastrophic and costly. Understanding the root cause of the failure is understandably a high priority to many parties, including both the insurers and the insured.

From geothermal power plants on the side of volcanic mountains of Yogyakarta in Indonesia to the hydro power plants on the water falls of the Zongo river in Bolivia, our experts have been relied upon to investigate catastrophic failures of various types of machinery, including:

  • Compressors in petrochemical plants
  • Shredder motors in metal recycling
  • Steam turbines in geothermal power plants
  • Generators in hydro power plants
  • Gas turbines in grain processing plants

Our experts have worked with different OEMs of rotating machinery, collaborating on detailed investigations of failures in different types of equipment. We have first-hand knowledge of the design and specifications of many different types of equipment.

We have also worked closely with the operators of various rotating machines. Our services have included auditing their systems, providing feedback on their condition monitoring, and supervising repair and maintenance regimes. This experience has allowed us a unique opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of operating conditions in a variety of settings, including power plants, cement production, metal shredding, and petrochemical manufacturing.


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