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Abu Dhabi, UAE

Our office in Abu Dhabi is here to serve our clients in the Gulf region. Our vast network of engineers and experts offer their services to a variety of projects, including high-rise building, large shopping malls, and infra-structure, as well as many other construction endeavours. Our experts have carried our engineering risk assessments and forensic investigations, and have assisted with the reinstatement of property following losses. Our root cause investigations into the failure of machinery, crane collapses, water escapes, and fires have been instrumental in determining policy lability, identifying circumstances that violate policy warranties or trigger exclusions, as well as clearly identifying responsible parties.  

Our fire investigations in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE are conducted in accordance to the highest recognised global standards.When investigating incidents, our local engineering staff not only rely on their many years of experience in the field, but also on their solid understanding of political and social environment and their ability to communicate using local language and dialects.

In addition to their understanding of local codes and regulations, our experts have built strong relationships with local authorities that allow them to collaborate during investigations, ultimately eliminating common conflicts that arise in similar situations.

Our experts and engineers are committed to providing the highest quality service – a commitment that begins as soon as we are first contacted with inquiries about future investigations.


Main Contact

Mamoon Alyah, Managing Director, Principal Engineer


Mamoon Alyah, PE, CEng, MBA, IRMCert has over thirty-five (35) years of experience investigating the root cause of major and complex incidents involving electrical power equipment and installations in different occupancies. Mamoon has been instructed to act as an expert witness to prepare expert reports and give evidence in court rooms, depositions (USA) and arbitration proceedings in numerous jurisdictions around the world.

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    • United Arab Emirates
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      • Al Corniche Road, P.O. Box 33073
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