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Fire in Engine Compartment of Construction Loader in United Kingdom

Following a fire in the engine of an expensive loader, CEERISK experts carried out an on-site inspection in order to determine the root cause of the incident. We evaluated the burn patterns on surfaces inside the engine compartment, as well as the area damaged by the fire. Our experts have looked into the possibility of different fuels being present inside on both sides of the engine compartment, whose ignition might have caused the fire. Thorough evaluation of the evidence, including physical examination of parts removed from the engine of the subject loader was carried out.  We interviewed the operator and the workshop mechanic who maintained the loader for a number of years.

After eliminating a number of probable causes we came to the conclusion that the fire was sparked by lubricating oil from the engine coming into touch with hot surfaces in the engine compartment.  The oil was introduced to the engine compartment after the engine crank shaft failed as a result of a mechanical breakdown. 

A detailed report was issued identifying the root cause and all the contributing factors that led to the loss.

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