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Risk Engineering

Our developing world has created a great amount of uncertainty as a result of the increased complexity of new technologies, globalisation, and climate change. Because of the global footprint created by major corporations, an expert approach is required to assess the risks and developing effective ways to mitigate and prevent losses.

Based on this belief, we have developed three critical capabilities:

  1. Thorough understanding of emerging technologies and evolving global engineering standards
  2. Comprehensive knowledge of failure modes and loss scenarios
  3. Complete awareness of local business and cultural environments

We have invested heavily in developing an expert team of risk engineers who provide specialist support to clients concerned about engineering risks and the impact these risks have on their businesses.

Armed with these specialised capabilities, CEERISK experts plan and conduct risk surveys and assessments in line with the following principles:

  • We focus on process safety and loss prevention
  • We utilise our understanding of the common causes of losses
  • We appreciate the importance of evidence-based risk engineering
  • We emphasise the importance of effective implementation and compliance
  • We offer a tailor-made approach to our client needs, based on open and direct communication with all stakeholders including insurance managers, finance, and operations
  • We make reliable and effective recommendations for risk improvement measures
  • We offer a follow-up visit to ensure proper implementation of risk improvements

Our engineers assist clients worldwide, bringing their expertise to emerging markets where economic growth has prompted regulators like SAMA (Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority), QFC (Qatar Financial Centre) and other insurance authorities in many countries (including Jordan, UAE, Turkey, South Africa, and Egypt) to mandate specialised risk surveys of special properties and those with a high sum insured.


Our experts have proven instrumental at providing risk engineering analysis to many critical sectors, including:

  • Power: Whether we are assessing the risk of catastrophic turbine failures or evaluating the condition of aging transformers, our experts have been trusted to provide specialised risk analysis of large assets owned and operated by utilities worldwide, including NEPCO (National Electric Power Company) in Jordan.

  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemical: Our experts have surveyed and provided expert risk analysis for various oil and gas properties, as well as to petrochemical plants that realise that if not properly managed, these risks can lead to catastrophic accidents.
  • Renewable energy: Utilising their expertise in investigating losses in renewable energy plants (including solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and waste-to-energy), CEERISK experts have the knowledge and expertise to recognise and assist with the management of inherent risks in the industry.
  • Heavy industry: Automotive manufacturing, steel mills, aluminium foundries, paper mills, wood mills and other heavy industries require a specialised approach to identifying and managing risks. In the past, CEERISK experts have been trusted to provide detailed and specialised analysis of risks in these large plants. We work closely with operations teams to implement risk improvement recommendations, as well as mitigation and prevention techniques.
  • Building systems: HVAC, water purification and waste treatment, electrical distribution, firefighting, and fire alarms and controls are essential to the safe and productive success and growth of businesses. Over the years, CEERISK experts have carried out many risk surveys and audits of large commercial and industrial buildings where they surveyed and evaluated the effectiveness of large building systems so as to help owners, occupants, and insurers mitigate and prevent costly losses. From high rise office buildings to large warehouses, we have been involved in evaluating the hazards and risks associated with building systems.
  • Construction sites: Managing risks in these complex locations is a major challenge for even the most experienced contractors. We have been repeatedly instructed to provide periodic fire safety surveys of construction projects, risk surveys following suspension of works, progress surveys of large infrastructure projects, as well as surveys of operational condition of CPM. Our experts have been instructed by (re)insurers and contractors alike to conduct risk surveys of construction sites worldwide, including:
    • High-rise commercial and residential buildings
    • Large shopping centres
    • Schools and colleges
    • Government buildings
    • Infrastructure projects
    • Pedestrian tunnels
    • Manmade islands
  • Marine (shipping & transportation): The safety of cargo and shipping vessels, especially when facing dynamic and changing risks, is vital to economic growth worldwide. Our teams have extensive knowledge that allows us to offer a specialised risk assessment of all marine hulls and cargo, as well as inland transportation. Our services have been used in many cases including:
    • Liability assessment of freight and warehouse keepers
    • Assessment of cargo (all risks and stock) throughout
    • Hull and machinery risk surveys
    • Risk assessment of port, harbour, and terminal operations
  • Buildings: Nowadays commercial buildings house not only offices, but also sophisticated data centres, medical facilities, educational institutions, media production, communication hubs and many other essential businesses. Knowledge of building systems and how they impact the operation and continuity of businesses is essential when performing risk surveys of large commercial buildings. From risk assessments of power supplies in a data centre to reviews of fire safety in open office spaces, our experts can identify hazards that impact the survival of businesses in various buildings.

  • Pharmaceuticals and life sciences: Due to the specific designs of systems and processes to meet expansive local and global regulatory mandates, special experience is required to provide risk assessment of properties used by pharmaceutical and life sciences. Our engineers have years of operational experience auditing and managing pharmaceuticals to ensure compliance with various regulations. They provide comprehensive operational and compliance risk assessment of pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, medical devices and health professional services.

  • Food & livestock farming and processing: Our expert surveys have been utilised to determine not only the risks from fire and natural perils but also the adequacy of systems used to ensure business continuity and growth within one of the most critical industries in today’s world.

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