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Here at CEERISK, we are constantly expanding our team and our network in a variety of new locations and looking for people with different skills to fill an assortment of roles. If you share our values and would like to join a motivated team to positively influence the world we live in, send your CV to, along with a short letter describing yourself.

We are currently looking for people to fill the following positions: 

Forensic Engineer – Amman, Jordan
Responsible for the investigation of accidents including fires, machinery breakdown, building collapse, electrical and mechanical failures, and water escape in different types of industrial and commercial properties.

Forensic Investigator – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Responsible for carrying out fire and explosion investigations in industrial and commercial properties.

Forensic Engineer – Teddington, UK
Responsible for carrying out forensic investigations of incidents such as fires, explosions, machinery breakdown, water escape, in addition to other incidents. Previous experience is required. 

For detailed job description, minimum requirements, salary and benefits information, please contact

Our Values

  • Commitment to the team

Our team is our main source of strength, and we strive to operate in unity regardless of roles and job functions. We might not all work in the same office or even the same country, but despite the geographic distance that separates our locations, we collaborate in order to contribute to achieving our goals.

  • Dedication to the clients

We formulate our goals in conjunction with our clients, and consider them, rather than the engineering work itself, the source of our inspiration, deserving of our complete dedication and the certainty that they will receive it, regardless of the challenges.

  • Motivation to grow

We believe that we must be constantly growing and dedicating significant time and resources to help each other develop skills and grow with the company. We look for an eagerness to grow and a serious commitment to pursue growth as a career strategy.

  • Work-life balance

We don’t live to work, but work to live. Our commitment and dedication to our careers serves as a tool towards the bigger goal of having a satisfied and fulfilled life with our families and friends.

  • Community involvement

We encourage our team members to remain aware and retain a degree of involvement in the community. As a business, we are proud to commit part of our profits to charitable organisations that work to aid recovery following catastrophic disasters.

For more information or to contact one of our experts please call us on +44 (0)20 70428 123