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CEERISK has many services that were carefully designed to provide solution to the complex problems that follow serious incidents and leave clients in a state of uncertainty about a business’ ability to survive and to grow. Large corporations, insurers and solicitors rely on CEERISK’s ability to investigate the root cause of an event and provide professional advice about the best reinstatement options available. CEERISK’s vast experience in the forensic investigation of losses is also put to use identifying engineering risks from different hazards and implementing the latest risk management techniques to prevent losses and, where unavoidable, mitigate their impact.

Our services different from other providers in the market in many critical ways.

Customised services to meet specific needs

Our services are customised to meet the specific need in a specific project for every unique situation. When you contact one of our offices, you will be connected to one of our experts who will review the circumstances surrounding your situation. Our experts will then help you to develop a plan of action to help you to resolve your problem.

Clear definition of scope and budget

We will prepare a clear, well defined understanding of your instructions and provide you with a budget of all costs. This will ensure that we are able to meet your expectations, if not exceed them. This also helps ensure that our reports are comprehensive and able to conclusively address the specific issues you instructed us to investigate.


We view each instruction as a partnership that we enter with a client, with our own aims converging with the client's own objectives. Therefore, we will take the time to frequently discuss different issues with you and recommend solutions that ensure the success and growth of your business.


We invest significant time and resources to stay at the front edge of our field of specialty and expertise. We understand that sciences are continuously evolving and technologies are rapidly changing. We employ this knowledge to develop new solutions for you. Therefore, you can count on us to tackle the latest sophisticated issues facing businesses such as cyber security, revolutionary design, supply chain and delivery, industrial hygiene, renewable and nuclear energy as well as the many other technologies that will dominate our future.


We understand the impact of globalisation on businesses, both large and small. We also understand that our clients must provide goods and services that can easily travel beyond local borders, meaning a certain compliance with standards and regulation in multiple jurisdictions. This understanding of global requirements allows to provide reliable and accurate advice, no matter where the loss or risk is located.


Large and expensive engineering assets are frequently deployed in remote locations, creating unique challenges to owners and insurers alike. We have the flexibility to physically reach remote locations and the cultural awareness to understand the impact of these local conditions. We have successfully collaborated with civil defence authorities in many countries to carry out comprehensive investigations and to develop technical options that help with the reinstatement of damaged properties.

For more information or to contact one of our experts please call us on +44 (0)20 86141444