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Construction Defects

Despite the best planning efforts, defects in the construction industry occur frequently and result in complex construction claims and disputes that can lead to a lengthy and costly litigation process. In the past, our experts have investigated a variety of construction defects, including both dangerous defects that have the potential to cause physical injury or damage to property, and passive defects that cause financial loss due to loss of use, diminution in value and extra repair expenses.

With a hands-on approach and practical experience in the field, our experts’ investigations have been instrumental in identifying the cause of these construction defects, including design deficiencies, product or material insufficiencies, construction process failure, installation failure, and other operation and maintenance issues. Our experts have also analysed structural and latent defects in various buildings to assist lawyers on disputes that arise following the completion and construction projects.

When asked to conduct root cause investigations, our experts carry out detailed and comprehensive testing of construction materials in accordance with British and European standards. Destructive and non-destructive testing is carried out to determine physical and chemical properties of samples extracted from the site. We can also advise on other construction material testing offered through external laboratories, including void content of core sample, PRD tests, blacktop analysis, binder recovery, bitumen penetration, and bitumen softening point.

In addition to work carried out for legal professionals as part of arbitration, litigation and other disputes that arise from construction defect, our experts have also been instrumental in the review and analysis of remediation and repair recommendation, and in establishing cost of repair. This includes quantification of damages, evaluation of direct cost of repair, determination of diminished value and loss of use, as well as review of other indirect damages resulting from the defect.


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