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Electrical Faults

Electrical faults can lead to catastrophic consequences, including widespread fire and tragic loss of human life. Whether the fault is in on an underground cable, a power transformer, a distribution switchgear, or a machine, a detailed investigation is required to determine the cause of the fault and the failure mechanism. This requires a specific knowledge not only of the physics behind electrical energy, but also of the equipment design and the regulations and standards that govern its production and utilisation.

Our Electrical Engineering experts have many years of experience investigating electrical faults, accurately reporting on the cause, and identifying any violations to codes and standards.

Included in the failures that our experts have investigated:

  • Transmission and distribution transformer faults
  • Underground cable joint failures
  • Overhead cable electrocutions to linemen working on power lines
  • EHV substation failure during and after completion of sophisticated power equipment
  • Partial discharge in transformers, cables, bushings, and rotating machinery
  • Switchgear and distribution equipment faults
  • Arc flash investigations in electric vaults
  • Power quality analysis to industrial and commercial buildings
  • Lightning strikes to power equipment in remote substations or power plants

Our vast experience in analysis of electrical failures is supplemented by our comprehensive electrical testing services, including:

  • Electrical inspection and testing of electric wiring and distribution panels in buildings
  • Switchgear, MCC and other distribution equipment testing
  • Underground cable testing
  • Underground cable fault locations
  • Thermographic surveys
  • Transformer testing
  • Circuit breaker testing


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