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Metallurgical Analysis of Turbine Blade Failure in Desalination Plant in Saudi Arabia

Following repeated failures of several blades in the compressor section of a number of gas turbines operated at a power and desalination plant, CEERISK was instructed by insurers to determine root cause of failures.  

CEERISK experts travelled to the power plant located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia to initiate an investigation of the blade failures.   Damaged blades from two gas turbines were forensically examined and analysed.  Microscopic photographs of fracture surfaces were taken and shared with our metallurgical experts in the UK.  Additionally, our experts carried out a comprehensive review of previous shutdown reports by the OEM and analysed historical trends to determine if the loss was related to operational conditions in the past.  At the conclusion of our investigation, a report was issued document the investigation steps, findings and conclusions.  Our report allowed the loss adjusters and insurers to make policy decisions based on facts and solid opinions.

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