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Our Middle Eastern clients in the Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, North Africa and Iraq are served from our Jordanian office in Amman.

Our team provides comprehensive risk management services to clients across many industries, including renewable energy power generation and conventional power generation, power distribution, industrial manufacturing (cement, pharmaceutical, textile), agriculture, hospitality, and construction.

In addition to our risk engineering services, we also provide technical consulting following losses to assist in returning a property to pre-loss conditions. Our team has been called upon to assist in the recovery following water escape, water ingress, flooding, fires, electrical faults, contamination, corrosion, and many other loss circumstances to provide damage assessment and to navigate complex reinstatement options.

Having local engineering staff with specific knowledge of the political and social environment has allowed us to provide services that meet local requirements and address the specific needs of clients in the region. Our multi-lingual staff can communicate effectively and ascertain facts that may be missed by others who do not possess the same language skills.

Additionally, our experts in Jordan have been able to bridge communication channels with local authorities to facilitate better collaboration in fire investigations and investigations into other types of accidents. This relationship has allowed us to provide our clients with accurate findings and to avoid conflicts that commonly arise when conducting these investigations separate from local authorities.

Our experts and engineers are committed to providing the highest quality service – a commitment that begins at first contact.



Mamoon Alyah, Managing Director, Principal Engineer


Mamoon Alyah, PE, CEng, MBA, IRMCert has over thirty-five (35) years of experience investigating the root cause of major and complex incidents involving electrical power equipment and installations in different occupancies. Mamoon has been instructed to act as an expert witness to prepare expert reports and give evidence in court rooms, depositions (USA) and arbitration proceedings in numerous jurisdictions around the world.

Zaid Atoum, Mechanical Engineer


Zaid Atoum is a mechanical engineer with over five (5) years of experience in the design and implementation of mechanical systems. Zaid conducts forensic investigations into the root cause of failures, including fire and explosion, machinery breakdown, and defects of different systems in various applications. He will also carry out risk surveys of industrial and commercial properties and will perform inspections of loss sites to complete damage assessment following different types of losses.


Bayan Saffouri, Chemical Engineer


Bayan Saffouri is a chemical engineer with a background in engineering topics such as pharmaceutical engineering, corrosion engineering, safety engineering and petrol engineering. Bayan conducts forensic engineering into the root cause of losses in a variety of properties, in addition to providing consultation on loss mitigation and prevention for properties in different sectors.


Ali Anabulsi, Damage Assessor


Ali Anabulsi is responsible for carrying out damage assessments following losses, including fire, water escape, building collapse and other incidents that may arise within industrial properties.

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