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Fire & Explosions

The investigation of the origin and cause of fires and explosions is a well-developed discipline that heavily relies on the knowledge, background, expertise and experience of the investigator.

Our experts have dedicated many years of their careers gaining the highest levels of knowledge and contributing to the continued development and advancement of fire and explosion investigation. Experience in the field involves conducting investigations based on the latest scientific standards, preparing expert reports, and testifying in courts around the world.

Our experts have investigated fires in various properties including:

  • • Vehicle fires including small cars and heavy equipment used on construction sites
  • • Structural fires including house fires, commercial buildings and industrial plants
  • • Machinery fires varying from small electric motors to large multi-colour printing presses
  • • Electrical fires in power generation plants, substations and buildings
  • • Equipment fires including fires in small household appliances and large MRI machines

Our experts are recognised for their experience analysing fire spread and growth rates. All reports cite these factors, allowing insurers and reinsurers to examine compliance with policy warranties and exclusions.

Over the years, we have invested time developing strong professional relationships with local authorities, such as civil defence and fire services. This collaborative approach to fire investigations helps avoid conflicts that may arise with local authorities following our investigations. In fact, on multiple occasions, the findings of our investigations were adopted by various civil defence authorities in the Middle East and in other parts of the world.


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