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Our Network of Experts provides expert services to legal engaged with litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution in engineering applications.

We have worked around the world in multiple jurisdictions to provide technical expert services, including forensic investigations, expert reports, expert testimony, and ongoing support to legal professionals in different applications.

Our experts have attended courts around the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, Australia, as well as many other courts in Europe.

To maintain our high level of standards, we maintain a number of principals.

  1. All expert reports are prepared in compliance to applicable rules of evidence in the specific jurisdiction to provide details of the investigation we carried out, the facts we uncovered and the opinions we formulated. 
  2. We apply a rigorous peer review process to ensure that reports and findings are well-documented and that opinions are well-founded regardless of the level of complexity of the issues involved. Our opinions always subjected to rigorous scrutiny by colleagues to ensure they provide they are based solid foundations. 
  3. We maintain a familiarity with rules of evidence in courts around the world to ensure that all expert reports used by law firms are compliant with any matter necessary.

Each of our experts brings an abundance of experience in multiple industries and disciplines, from electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, petroleum engineers, metallurgists, and process engineers.

Our experts bring to us many years of experience in different sectors. We provide expert advice from experienced professionals with a background in many sectors, including construction, infrastructure and energy, oil & gas, petrochemicals, telecommunications, commercial sectors, and government and public sectors.

When we are asked to present technical evidence in court about complex engineering principals underpinning a dispute, we make sure the complex technical issues that we relied upon to formulate our opinions are clearly documented and concisely presented. CEERISK experts have many years of experience preparing and publishing expert reports that comply with the requirement of applicable rules of evidence in the jurisdiction where they are used.   

The experience in legal rules of evidence allow us to prepare expert reports that are compliant with applicable rules of evidence in the jurisdiction they are used. Whether it is the ICC Rules for the Administration of Expertise Proceedings or CPR Part 35, our reports are prepared, published and scrutinised by peer review in compliance to the applicable rules. 

Our experts have acted as a single joint expert on multiple cases in the past, approaching the subject from a non-biased perspective with solely the interest of providing the most accurate, relevant engineering information and establishing certain key facts. 

In addition to the wide experience of our experts, we work closely with forensic laboratories and industry specialists to ensure that our opinions are formulated based on solid evidence and established methodology.   

Formulating opinions relies heavily on scientific facts and adheres closely to recognised scientific methods and applicable engineering standards. Cognizant of court rulings with regard to expert opinions in the USA, UK and other jurisdictions, we ensure to provide the scientific methods used to reach the opinions.   

We been asked to provide technical expert services related to fires, explosions, contamination, breakdown, electrocution, defects and other type of incident. Additionally, we have advised courts about complex engineering matters and disputes related to compliance with international regulations. 

On many occasions, CEERISK experts have been called upon to provide expert witness testimony. Our experts have provided evidence in a tribunal or court setting worldwide, including jury trials in multiple jurisdictions in the United States, different courts in UK including Technology and Construction Court and other tribunals in the MENA region including the DIFC. 

We have experience providing concurrent expert evidence (“CEE”) or “hot-tubbing” where experts from both sides are examined and cross-examined by the court at the same time. Our experts have undergone rigorous cross-examination in the past. 


For more information or to contact one of our experts please call us on +44 (0)20 86141444