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Risk Assessment to Supplier of Foods in GCC and Mediterranean Area

CEERISK was instructed by a lead food manufacturer in the GCC to conduct a risk assessment for a number of industrial properties that manufacture vegetable oil, sugar, and margarine/shortening. We visited the sites and examined the conditions of the buildings, plant and machinery.  We provided advice and recommendations to plant managers (operation and HSE) on how to improve the overall risk profile of the three properties.

Additionally, we were instructed to carry out an asset valuation of each plant to determine the replacement cost in case of a total loss. Our expert appraisers carried out a methodical and detailed analysis of the asset register and prepared an accurate valuation that was forwarded to the client for their reference and use.

The management of the business units also asked for a comprehensive  contingency plan that would assist them implement disaster recovery plans  in the event of a loss.  The contingency plans considered multiple potential loss situations and circumstances in each one of the different plants we visited.

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