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Following catastrophic incidents such as fire, flooding and chemical spills, contamination of equipment and the environment is a serious concern to owners and insurers.

Our experts are regularly trusted by property owners and insurers alike to carry out a comprehensive scientific analysis the extent of damage caused by contamination. Our approach relies on well documented and globally recognised scientific research to determine:

  • Level of contamination at various locations within an affected property
  • Types of contaminants produced by the loss event
  • Risk of damage from various contaminants on different materials
  • The most effective techniques to prevent and halt physical damage
  • The most effective techniques to decontaminate equipment and buildings

Any reinstatement plan must include steps for an emergency response to halt the progression of physical damage to equipment, buildings, and the environment. Our teams of engineers and specialists are available to arrive on site as soon as the fire is out or the flood waters have receded, thereby carrying out a detailed inspection of the loss site to identify the risk of damage to the building and contents.

We provide support in managing conditions and mitigating the risk of further damage, such as advising techniques to prevent further chemical reactions that might lead to corrosion or other types of physical damage.

We extract samples that are then analysed by specialised laboratories to identify levels of contamination and the different types of contaminants. Based on these test results, we are then able to provide engineering reports recommending the best approach to decontaminate the property and return it to pre-loss condition. We can then manage and coordinate with restoration firms to ensure the most effective outcome.


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