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Fire in a Supermarket in Oxfordshire, England

Our fire investigators and engineers were tasked with determining the cause and origin of a fire that broke out late at night at a supermarket on the high street of a mall town in Oxfordshire. The fire was brought under control thanks to the prompt reaction of the fire department, but the origin and source were still unknown.

Our expert investigated the cause in accordance with internationally recognised guidelines, focusing on a systematic approach and meticulous attention to all important information.

Artefacts identified on site of being relevant to the cause of the fire, were closely examined.  Forensic examination and testing of the remains extracted from suspected appliances was completed.

Following the physical examination of artefacts, our experts analysed maintenance and operational history of a number of appliances to determined if the fire was caused by any of the suspected units.  Following extensive engineering research and analysis, our experts prepared detailed report that was peer reviewed.  The report identified the seat of the fire and provided clear evidence of the root cause of the fire in addition to the contributing factors that led to ignition. 

The matter was later mediated and our experts reports were offered as evidence to support he position of one of the parties involved.

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