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Established in July 2015, CEERISK is a professional service firm that offers clients around the world services designed to identify hazards, manage risks, and recover from significant loss events that impact operations and impede growth. Despite it’s relatively young age, the firm has built a name for itself as a recognised provider of professional engineering services in many parts of the world. Our offices in the EMEA region are hubs of excellence that provide services to many parts of the world.

We believe there are multiple factors influencing the global business environment that create great amounts of uncertainty. The increased complexity of new technologies, globalisation of trade, and threats posed by climate change, as well as new emerging risks, including cyber threats, are only some of the issues faced by businesses globally.

For businesses to succeed and thrive requires an expert approach to assessing risks and developing effective ways to manage the consequences of different perils.

As a specialist firm, we possess three critical capabilities that set us apart from other service providers:

  1. Thorough understanding of emerging technologies and evolving global standards built on experience in different industries
  2. Comprehensive knowledge of failure modes and loss scenarios in equipment used across multiple industries, and a developed knowledge of the reinstatement options available for recovering from complex losses
  3. Complete awareness of local business and cultural environments through our local presence in different parts of the world

CEERISK Consulting was setup specifically to bring certainty through these critical capabilities to the uncertain world of Construction, Energy and Engineering.

Our purpose is clear and simple. We help individuals and organisations prevent costly damage to property and serious injury to individuals by identifying different engineering risks and developing plans to manage them. When things go wrong, we investigate how and why, and provide solid opinions that are used to make critical decisions by different stakeholders of an event. We then assist with reinstatement to return property to pre-event condition.

To succeed in our mission, we are constantly building superior knowledge of global standards, innovations, and industrial processes, while employing the best talent in the market and committing resources to our continued development. We use the most advanced technologies and align our systems with those of our clients to provide relevant and valuable solutions.

For more information or to contact one of our experts please call us on +44 (0)20 86141444