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Biomechanical Engineering

In a dynamic environment such as a factory or shopping centre, people are in constant motion, with machines and equipment all around them. Vehicles operate not only in accordance to man-made traffic laws and regulations, but also the natural laws of physics.

Despite taking precautions, incidents involving collisions and impacts will continue to happen. When they do, these incidents cause physical harm to individuals proportionate to the forces applied.

Biomechanical engineering is the combined application of mechanical engineering principals and biological knowledge to improve people’s quality of life.

Our biomechanical specialists are experts in the science of how the human body responds to applied external and internal forces. They investigate injuries to determine the cause when a mechanism of an injury is unclear or is in dispute.

Over the years, our experts have worked to answer difficult questions, such as:

  • Whether the injuries are consistent with available evidence at the scene of an accident
  • Whether an injury could have resulted from the claimed accident
  • Whether the injuries were pre-existing prior to the claimed accident
  • Whether a specific product defect cause the claimed injury
  • Whether the injury could have been prevented by using specific products or restraints

The consequences of any injury can vary greatly depending on the individual, the machine and the circumstances surrounding the incident in question. Only by employing a qualified expert can a claim be validated and reviewed by an insurance company. Our experts have repeatedly proven their ability to analyse available evidence and provide reliable opinions.


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