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Our experts have worked to provide a high standard of engineering services to clients around the world, from power generation and utilities, large-scale healthcare complexes and educational buildings. Our experience extends to ambitious construction projects around the world and specialist industries that rely on newly developed technology.

When a dispute arises that requires a technical understanding of the principals that underpin engineering operations, CEERISK’s Network of Experts is available to assist.

Technical Expert Services

Regardless of the sector, disputes are often underpinned by technical matters that require an engineering expert to decipher. Our Network of Experts has expertise in many engineering disciplines, allowing us to provide technical opinion to lawyers, solicitors and other legal professionals.

We have been asked to provide Technical Expert Services to clients around the world, including expert reports and expert testimony Additionally we have provided technical support on engineering matters across many sectors, including energy & infrastructure, renewable energy, and project & construction, among many others.

We have assisted clients on matters involving Commercial Litigation and ADR, International Arbitration, Legal Insurance, Delay, Quantum and Forensic Accounting. We have worked closely with lawyers and in-house counsel across many different sectors to provide technical understanding on a variety of engineering matters.

Failure Analysis 

Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, losses will occur. When this happens, we work closely with all stakeholders to investigate and identify the root cause of the loss as well as any other contributing factors that may have influenced the severity of the damage. 

Our experts are industry specialists who understand the operating principles of different systems and equipment. We have years of experience overseeing all aspects of engineering operations including testing, commissioning, operation, condition monitoring, maintenance and asset management. Drawing from our experts’ wide breadth of experience across many disciplines in many different sectors, we determine the root cause of failures, identifying the contributing factors that allowed the loss to occur.

Damage Assessment 

Following a loss, the burden of proof regarding whether property (including stock, buildings and equipment) is damaged or usable often falls to the owners and management. Obtaining this proof is often achieved through communication with OEMs and service providers.

We design, monitor and facilitate testing by OEMs and service providers to validate the condition of equipment and to identify damages if present, whilst also providing a way to rectify the property.

In the past we have assessed a variety of losses, including fire, flooding, water escape, lightning and contamination. 


When instructed—either as part of legal proceedings or following a loss—our experts design and carry out testing of different types of systems, including electrical distribution, mechanical, medical and high-tech data processing equipment.

Through our relationships with specialist laboratories and close cooperation with OEMs and suppliers, we apply scientific principles which ensures an accurate assessment and validation of the condition of systems, equipment and machine reliability.

To verify the condition of equipment and systems we arrange for and supervise non-destructive testing that is compliant with international standards and industry accepted regimes.

Risk Management

We begin any risk management project by attending the site to survey the conditions on the ground. Following this we then analyse and rate the risk while reviewing management and control systems to identify gaps that may pose threats to your business. Our recommendations allow both engineering and operation teams to bridge these gaps and enhance the risk management policy and overall risk profile.   

Contingency Planning 

Whilst awareness of risk reduces the likelihood of unexpected and costly outcomes, unexpected variables remain present during any operation. A contingency plan allows management to prepare for unforeseen consequences by providing a road map to efficiently return to business following a catastrophic event. Our experts design contingency plans for manufacturers across a number of industries.


Our experts undertake appraisal and valuation of tangible and intangible assets for all financial, accounting and insurance purposes. Our experts provide accurate and reliable asset valuation backed by years of experience working across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Over the years we have provided the required valuation for various industries and utilities, including on and offshore oil and gas, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and different commercial properties.


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