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A variety of services and industries provide us with the building blocks of our everyday life. From power generation to the manufacturers of steel and cement, life as we know it is dependent on many different industries. 

While this overall benefits us, we have become more dependent than ever on the smooth and continuous operation of these industries. Any interruption to the operation of any of the different industries we rely on to continue our daily lives, can cause a significant disruption to our lives. 

CEERISK provides a variety of engineering services to assist in identifying hazards that could impede or interrupt operations of the many industries that provide us support in our daily lives. CEERISK expert work closely with operation management of different corporations to identify hazards, assess engineering risks, prevent catastrophes and mitigate the impact.  In addition, our experts have been instrumental in   developing reinstatement options following catastrophic losses. 

Our risk engineering services include

Risk Surveys  

Our risk surveys are carried out by industry specialists with years of experience operating in the same business environment.   

Our experts start by clearly and accurately identifying hazards that can impact the clients’ operations.  We then analyse and rate the risk while reviewing management and control systems to identify gaps that may pose threats to your business.  We provide recommendations that help both engineering and operation teams bridge these gaps and enhance your risk profile.   

Our pre-risk surveys provide detailed assessments of the control mitigation measures on site, in addition to recommendations to management about further measures that can be taken to improve the overall risk profile of the property. 

When carrying out our risk evaluations, our experts physically review the property and comment on the conditions on the ground. We review the management and control systems in place, making technical and engineering recommendations based upon known industry practices. We provide benchmark assessments to give you a good understanding of what the best practices are within your industry.  

Contingency Planning 

While awareness of risk will reduce the likelihood of unexpected and costly outcomes, unexpected variables will continue to be present during any operation. A contingency plan allows you to be prepared for these unforeseen consequences and provide a road map to efficiently return to business following a catastrophic event.   

Our experts designed contingency plans for manufacturers across a number of industries, helping them prepare for unforeseen events and effectively manage their recovery.  


Our experts undertake appraisal and valuation of tangible and intangible assets for all financial, accounting and insurance purposes.  Our experts are able to provide accurate and reliable valuation backed by years of experience working across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.  Over the years our experts provided the required valuation for various industries and utilities, including on and offshore oil and gas, educational institutions, health-care facilities and different commercial properties.   

Damage Assessment 

Following a loss, the burden of proof regarding whether property (including stock, buildings and equipment) is damaged or usable often falls to the insured party. Obtaining this proof is often achieved through work with OEMs and service providers. We will design, monitor and facilitate testing by OEMs and service providers to validate the condition of equipment and to identify damages if presents, while providing a way to rectify the property. In the past we have assisted with testing a variety of losses, including fire, flood and lightning. 


Either during normal operation or following a loss, our experts can provide consulting services to design and carry out testing of different types of systems, including electrical distribution, mechanical, medical and high-tech data processing equipment.  We utilise our comprehensive understanding of international standards that apply to different types of systems to design and implement necessary testing regimes to verify the condition of equipment.   

By working closely with OEM’s and suppliers, we are able to apply scientific principles in validating the condition of systems and equipment ensuring accurate assessment of reliability. 


Over the previous few decades, our experts have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in different industries.  Most importantly, having completed hundreds of investigations into why failures occur, our experts have developed a detailed knowledge of various failure mechanisms.  Over the years, we have compiled and organised this experience in easy to follow training modules specifically designed to help operators and decision makers in different industries understand exposures that may impact their operation and business continuity.  

Failure Analysis 

Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, losses will occur. When this happens, we work closely with all stakeholders to investigate and identify the root cause of the loss as well as any other contributing factors that may influence the severity of the damage. 

Our experts are industry specialists who understand the operating principles of different systems and equipment.  They have accumulated years of experience overseeing all aspects of the operation of these systems beginning with testing, commissioning, operation, condition monitoring, maintenance and asset management.  When involved, our experts deploy their knowledge, experience and specialised expertise to determine the root cause of failures identifying the contributing factors that allowed the loss to occur. 

Reinstatement Options 

Following losses, whether caused by Nat Cat (natural Catastrophes), material failure or human factors, the task of returning to a pe-loss condition can be achieved though a number of options.  Deciding on the  most efficient and cost option to reinstate the equipment and systems to allow the owner to return to business can be a complex and sophisticated process that require specialised understanding and experience. The best fit for any given situation is dependent on multiple factors. 

We are available to help you through this process, whether by working with OEMs to reinstate damaged equipment or conducting market research to guide you through the replacement process.   


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