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Some losses are caused by actions or omissions of a third party who then become liable for the cost of returning the insured to a pre-loss condition. A professional investigation is required to identify third-party liability in support of a subrogation claim.

Our experts have been relied upon by insurers and legal professionals to offer expert opinions about third-party liability and to assist in managing the claim.

Our expert approach to documenting the circumstances of the loss and the cost of reinstatement has been trusted in subrogation cases in many situations, including:

  • Fires due to malfunction or defect in products varying from house appliances to complex engineering machines and equipment
  • Flooding caused by defective contract work that led to significant damage to sophisticated equipment
  • Hi-tech equipment failure due to electric works that led to equipment damage and the shut down of a critical manufacturing line in a heavily utilised factory, causing supply chain disruption for multiple customers
  • Improper shipping and handling of sensitive equipment that led to damage during offloading at customer’s location, triggering OEM voiding service contracts
  • Failure to secure heavy loads during rail transportation leading to internal damage of complex electric apparatus
  • Collapse of gantry system during rigging of heavy machinery leading to damage to the building and equipment, as well as causing significant delays in project completion
  • Temperature fluctuations in pharmaceutical storage units that led to the spoilage of pharmaceutical products that were valued at millions of dollars
  • Programming errors resulting in massive production defect and recall 


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