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Reinstatement Options

Following a loss, the main priority of any business is to return the property to its previous conditions. There are many available reinstatement options that could be carried out, depending on the extent of the damage and the circumstances of the loss.

To understand the different options, the operational processes and terms of the insurance policy must be understood. Special consideration must also be given to business interruption and loss of market share caused by the covered loss.

Our experts are available to review the circumstances of the loss, considering all the conditions on the ground and evaluating the various approaches to establish the most efficient, cost-effective reinstatement options to return the insured to pre-loss condition.

This can involve the following activities:

  • Reviewing of the insured business to analyse the impact of the loss on operations and to evaluate the best approach to minimise the commercial loss
  • Contacting and collaborating with contractors, equipment manufacturers, and authorised third-party dealers to design the best approach to reinstatement
  • Calculating business interruption and evaluating the commercial impact on operations
  • Researching market conditions to determine the availability of repair and replacement options
  • Coordinating with the insured and insurers to evaluate temporary repair options that can assist in resumption of operations while a more permanent solution is finalised
  • Establishing project timing for various reinstatement activities

We have worked with organisations across multiple industries to identify different options to ensure business continuity. Our experts have aided businesses affected by losses as well as insurers to ensure a prompt return to production after catastrophic losses, including:

  • Major flooding to manufacturing plants along the banks of rivers
  • Contamination to complex manufacturing equipment following hurricane damage
  • Smoke contamination following major fires
  • Physical damage due to strong winds
  • Lightning damage to large power transformers in remote substations
  • Shipping damage to high-tech equipment

Our work with insurers has also saved millions by identifying the best, most cost-effective reinstatement options available.


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