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Damage Assessment

Once the cause of damage has been accurately determined and policy liability addressed, our specialists will examine the equipment and the buildings involved in the claim. Through detailed analysis, the nature and extent of damage caused by the covered peril will then be determined. Our experts will also be able to distinguish between damage caused by the loss and damage caused by uncovered conditions, including standard wear and tear, and other foreseen or gradual causes.

During our investigation into the extent of the damage, we perform inspections of the affected property and closely examine the buildings and equipment. We document our findings, then develop plans to conduct further testing, research and analysis to accurately determine the nature and extent of the damage. Using the most sophisticated tests built on recognised international standards, we are able to provide conclusions that are supported by evidence.

In many cases, we’ll coordinate with manufacturers and OEMs to conduct functional testing of the equipment. Our close collaboration with OEMs allows us to address concerns raised about the reliability of the equipment following the loss. This process enables us to explore all available reinstatement options, taking into account all concerns. 

Our damage assessment is carried out in coordination with all stakeholders involved in the claim, including the insured, loss adjuster, OEM, and all technical service providers. This allows us to formulate opinions based on facts that can be supported by scientific evidence.

Our expertise covers a range of buildings and equipment including: 

  • Residential buildings 
  • Commercial high-rise buildings
  • Industrial properties, including different types of factories and warehouses 
  • Hospitals, clinics, and other health science buildings/laboratories 
  • Libraries, schools, colleges and universities 
  • Government and municipal facilities 
  • Data centres, central offices and other communication centres 
  • Radio/TV production and broadcasting centres 
  • Livestock farms
  • Food processing 
  • Infra-structure such as airports, water & waste treatment facilities, and power plants 
  • Utilities 


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