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Following a loss, two important questions are typically asked. 

  1. What is the cause of this loss? 

  1. What is necessary in order to restore the affected party to its pre-loss condition?  

Increasingly, the affected party uncovers evidence that may reveal that one involved party is liable for the loss and is therefore responsible for providing compensation. 

CEERISK experts have been instructed by law firms around the world to investigate the root cause of losses in order to establish what factors contributed to the incident and whether there was any commercial or public liability to be established. 

By investigating the facts and gathering relevant evidence, we are able to provide engineering expert opinions that assist in the determination of whether a party is at fault for the incurred loss, or responsible for the damages.  We conclude our investigations of the facts with well documented reports that present these facts in a clear and concise manner that allows lawyers involved to explore and proceed with subrogation and recovery if appropriate.  Our reports deliver a clear description of the evidence and provide logical explanation of how facts lead to conclusions in a way that supports the opinions stated. 

In the past our experts have been instructed in a number of cause investigations that led to subrogation, assisting in the successful recovery.  Some cases we worked on involved fires in vehicle, machinery, appliances and buildings, in addition to other types of losses such as machinery breakdown, defects in design, materials and workmanship.  We have investigated losses that occurred within commercial properties, marine and cargo losses, and construction disputes and delays. 


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