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Legal Insurance

It is not uncommon for disagreements to arise during the course of insurance disputes. Most of the time, these disagreements are resolved without intervention from the courts, but under some circumstances additional intervention is necessary. 

CEERISK experts have repeatedly been instructed to assist with disputes following claims where policy liability, warranties and exclusions may be questioned by one party of the other. 

We have provided expert witness testimony about the nature and the extent of damage following a number of losses, including losses involving policies that relate to public liability, commercial liability and other disputes. Our experts are experienced working on cases that involve machinery breakdown, fire damage and water damage. 

Part of our expert testimony involves studies relating to both the root cause analysis of the damage in order to determine the nature of the loss, in addition to information looking at the quantum amounts of damage sustained to a property or machinery. 

In the past we have appeared in court on a number of issues, in addition to providing expert witness testimony during court-appointed mediation


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