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Commercial Litigation and ADR

Commercial litigation involves complex contracts that cover a wide range of terms and in many cases specifications, drawings and technical issues.  When a commercial dispute arises, lawyers typically require the assistance of a specialist in one technical field or the other to manage the dispute resolution process.  When these technical issues involve complex engineering disciplines, CEERISK experts are called on to assist. 

CEERISK experts cover a wide range of disciplines that are typically involved in different commercial disputes.  In addition to the broad range of disciplines available among our Team of Experts, we have put together a team of specialists from different industries to provide in-depth analysis of different commercial issues that may arise in a specific sector.   

From oil and gas refinery experts, power generation, off-shore piping, renewable energy, automotive and others, our experts are not only knowledgeable of the technical issues involved but will also assist with operational and processing issues involved in a dispute. 

CEERISK has been called upon to provide expert testimony during a number of cases, including contractual and warranty disputes, insurance disputes, and construction disputes. We have provided written reports and testimony through deposition or in courts around the world. 

Our industry specialists include: 

  • Petrochemicals 

  • Mining 

  • Power generation 

  • Water treatment 

  • Data processing 


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