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Risk Consideration During Policy Renewals

With the upcoming renewal period upon us, insurers, reinsurers and clients across all sectors have a lot to consider. Although the renewal of commercial insurance policies can seem routine, this is a critical time to answer important questions, such as: 

  • What is the impact of emerging risks such as cyber threats, climate change, AI or automation on a client’s business?
  • How has the condition of a property changed from the previous insurance period, and how will these changes impact the risk profile of the client?
  • What can previous claims history tell us about the conditions on site?
  • Is there anything that clients can do to improve the overall risk profile of their business?
  • How important is it to update the EML/PML on a yearly basis?

This webinar looks at these questions, exploring the significance of these factors and others. Our experts have significant experience working with insurance companies and clients alike from a forensic post-loss perspective, which allows us to identify significant factors that should be considered ahead of a loss.