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International Arbitration

Over the past few decades, globalisation has meant that companies are involved more than ever with projects around the world.  When disputes arise, more often than not, contracts dictate dispute resolution is taken to international arbitration in order to avoid local procedures in one location. Any case that is considered “arbitrable” can be brought to international arbitration, and so as a result a number of different types of disputes are constantly arising. Among them, commercial disputes are the most common.  In many cases, these commercial disputes involve construction of projects in other locations around the world or supply of products.   

Whether the case in question is a dispute regarding compliance with international regulations or any other dispute involving the law in multiple jurisdiction, it is necessary for legislators and solicitors to have an expert’s understanding of the engineering principals involved in the case, as well as the standards that govern the contract and the work delivered. 

CEERISK experts provides specialist review and expert opinions to specialist arbitration tribunals across a number of different sectors. Our experts have been instructed in arbitration disputes involving construction projects in oil & gas, power and energy (including renewable energy) sectors.  

CEERISK has a number of ICC-qualified experts that have worked on a number of international arbitration cases, where we supplied key information to courts and arbitrators. We have participated in a number of cases where we have provided expert opinion on matters being litigated by arbitration tribunals, providing expert reports as well as expert testimony. 

In addition to our extensive engineering experience, our understanding of the arbitration process as well as thorough knowledge of local standards and requirements allow us to provide required evidence and support. 

Arbitration cases we worked on include: 

  • Certification of electrical products in compliance to local standards vs. international standards 

  • Extent of damage to data processing equipment and adequacy of reinstatement options 

  • Claims of construction defects in large projects 

  • Extent of damage to industrial property following fire 


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