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Disputes that arise in the power generation sector related to the construction, operation and maintenance of complex machinery often benefit from the expert advice of a technical engineering expert.

Our Network of Experts have advised legal professionals around the world on technical matters that arise in disputes that involve power generation.

We have assisted in matters that involve power generation, whether it be conventional or renewable. Matters that we have assisted on include:

  • Investigated fire and explosion in multiple generation and transmission substations around the world, including in the USA and the Middle East. Factors in investigations have included conducting forensic testing and examination of HV bushing, and multiple-year investigations of damaged components.
  • Investigated injury to an electrical contractor at a power plant who died as a result of injuries sustained when he was electrocuted while affecting repairs in a switchgear in a coal fired power station.
  • Opined on the reasonableness of a power generation plant to insist on additional testing before re-energising gas turbines following an explosion involving one of the turbines.
  • Investigated turbine failures at several power plants around the world, including incidents that involve corrosion and erosion of blades caused by steam contamination in steam turbine; overspeed; blade liberation; thrust bearing failure; blade failure of an induced draft fan; turbine blade factures; compressor failure and compressor blade failure; and high vibration and damage.
  • Multiple risk surveys to the power distribution network throughout Jordan, including surveys of multiple substations around the country.
  • Multiple risk surveys of power generation plants throughout Jordan, including conventional power plants, combined cycle plants and renewable energy, including utility scale solar PV plants and wind farms.
  • Prepared an expert report for a subrogation claim following the failure of a transformer following the replacement of a tapchanger.
  • Investigated the root cause of an explosion and fire in a thermal power plant in Cairo, Egypt where a hydrogen explosion was caused by blade liberation in a steam turbine. Expert report was prepared and used by the London Insurance market to determine policy liability.
  • Investigated blade failure of gas turbines in combined cycle power plant in the Eastern district of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Prepared a report identifying improper commissioning and incomplete fuel ignition as the root cause of the blade failure.


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