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Many disputes arise from construction projects due to improper performance, delay and disruption claims, defects and negligence, dilapidation, and health and safety. Often these matters involve a technical component that are best addressed by an engineering expert.

Our Network of Experts has a collective knowledge that spans many disciplines, including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, power generation (conventional and renewable), metallurgy and welding, petrochemical engineering, chemical engineering, and oil and gas.

Airports, university campuses, hospitals and healthcare centres, ports, large shopping centres, skyscrapers and many other large-scale construction projects involve the coordination of many stakeholders. Disputes can arise between many parties regarding the work carried out and the management the construction site. Understanding the underlying technical matters assist in the litigation process, leading to further resolution.

We are available to provide detailed technical expertise on construction projects within a number of sectors, including:

  • Renewable EnergyAs the world commits to moving to low-carbon alternatives for power generation and as technology develops and becomes more widely available, many renewable energy projects have been launched. Whether drawing power from wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal energy or biomass waste, all new technology associated with power generation involves complex engineering principals.
  • Commercial PropertiesEven the simplest office building requires many building systems to operate, such as electricity, lighting, HVAC, firefighting systems, fire detection systems, water, water treatment, natural gas, and lifts/elevators. Strict codes and regulations are in place around the world to ensure that all systems are compliant and suitable for the intended occupancy.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare CentresWhile all buildings must be designed with the needs of their occupants in mind, some buildings warrant additional considerations. Hospital and healthcare buildings are constructed in anticipation of the vulnerable patients that will need to be accommodated, as well as to support the life-saving activities that will be carried out. Because the needs of building systems such as electrical systems and HVAC systems become even more critical in a healthcare settings, special regulations and guidance is in place for the design and construction of hospital buildings, such as the Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) in the UK.
  • Educational Buildings, which similarly must be built in expectation of its special occupancy requirements.
  • Residential Properties, in which defects to any of the building systems can have a significant effect on use of the property. Installation of additional systems, such as solar photovoltaic panels, can cause additional disputes.

We have provided assistance on a number of construction matters, from issues that arise from improper design of building systems, failure to adhere to guidelines and regulations, and poor workmanship practices.

Among the disputes that we have assisted lawyers with are design defect, installation defects and poor workmanship and latent defects. Our experts have looked incidents involving mechanical systems, including HVAC and chillers, water treatment, wastewater treatment, water piping.

We have assisted with many incidents involving electrical systems, such as underground cables and ducting, electrical supply, resilient electrical back up.

We have also been involved in incidents involving telecommunication systems, including internet cables and fibre optics, wireless mobile phone technology, and television studios.

Because construction work is considered one of the most dangerous jobs around the world, health and safety on construction sites is a major concern. Poor implementation of health and safety policies that leads to dangerous practices on site that can result in serious losses to property and delay, as well as injury and death of workers.

Our Network of Experts are qualified to assist on matters that arise with health and safety on site, with NEBOSH certification in the Management of International Health and Safety, in addition to certification from the IRM (Institute of Risk Management) in International Enterprise Risk Management.

We have experience in the technical design, development and implementation of HSE programmes on large construction projects, and are familiar with working culture and environments around the world, including the Middle East, where many large-scale construction projects have been deployed in recent years. 

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