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The infrastructure that provides services around the world relies on a network of complicated equipment and machinery. Every stage of infrastructure depends on complex engineering principals to operate.

Whether looking at ageing infrastructure or infrastructure that has been recently deployed, our experts understand the technical engineering principals that can lead to disputes. Our Network of Experts has been asked to provide technical expertise that involve infrastructure across multiple jurisdictions around the world.

We have assisted on many matters involving infrastructure, including:

  • Assisting the public authorities in Qatar to investigate numerous incidents that involved damage to underground services following construction work.
  • Investigating and assessing engineering risk to the water supply and water distribution infrastructure for the public authorities in Qatar
  • Multiple risk surveys to the power distribution network throughout Jordan, including surveys of multiple substations around the country.
  • Multiple risk surveys of power generation plants throughout Jordan, including conventional power plants, combined cycle plants and renewable energy, including utility scale solar PV plants and wind farms.
  • Prepared expert reports regarding the performance of a contractor responsible for installing underground cables, including questions about whether the work was defected and whether it met a reasonable standard.
  • Investigated damage to underground oil-filled cables. We also prepared expert reports on this issues.
  • Prepared expert report regarding an electrical failure in a switchgear assembly at a prominent TV production facility in England. Our expert report was used in mediation.
  • Investigated the root cause of a power failure at a wastewater treatment plant that resulted in flooding during a storm. We prepared an expert report based on our findings.
  • Prepared an expert report for a subrogation claim following the failure of a transformer following the replacement of a tap changer.
  • Investigated fires in a school buses in the United Arab Emirates and identified operational failures in one and design defect in another.
  • Investigated failure of water pumps at pump house feeding a large area of Chicago, IL in the USA.
  • Investigated multiple water system defects in the UK, USA and EU


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