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Sometimes when a dispute arises, it is more beneficial for both parties to engage in mediation to attempt to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement that would benefit both parties. When both parties agree to engage in third party mediation, a neutral third party is introduced to facilitate the discussion with the aim of allowing both parties to agree on a satisfactory agreement. 

When parties opt to attempt to resolve an issue through mediation, CEERISK is available to provide technical and engineering support to a client. 

By giving you the technical information about complex engineering issues, you are able to enter into discussions with a solid foundation and understanding of the true mechanics of the issue at hand. 

Disputes that can be resolved through mediation range across a number of sectors (including construction disputes and delays, liability, manufacturing disputes and disputes related to energy).  

Good knowledge about any situation gives the client a strong and robust position to approach mediation. Whether the issue arises from a construction dispute, question about liability following a loss, manufacturing defect, or delays that are the result of any engineering failure, more information knowledge about the mechanics of the situation will provide a robust position for meditation. 



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