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At the heart of every legal dispute is a set of facts that may not always be readily identified or clearly understood.  Before any dispute resolution is initiated, these facts must be identified and clearly presented.  Our engineering experts conduct detailed analysis of root cause of failures, while identifying contributing factors and establishing responsibility as appropriate.   

When instructed to investigate failures, we deploy a team of experts possessing the necessary engineering knowledge, expertise, background and experience in a specific discipline relevant to the specific circumstances of the matter.   

Starting from the early stages of all our investigations, we proceed with the end in mind.  We ensure that our methodology is well documented, and evidence is correctly identified preserved and secured.  We work closely with lawyers involved in the matter to ensure we preserve all types of evidence and investigate all issues. 

Examples of investigations carried out by our experts include which were part of or led to litigation proceedings: 

  • Explosion in an EHV (Extra High Voltage) bushing in a transmitting substation where allegations of design and workmanship defects were made against the supplier. Our expert provided the necessary expert opinions and reports and provided testimony in legal proceedings. 

  • Fire in a semi-trailer which led to total damage of expensive cargo, which led to litigation in a court of law where our expert testified presenting a detailed description of the careful investigation carried out and the opinions that he formulated. 

  • Construction dispute between supplier of switchgear assemblies and owner of a project where the equipment failed certification by local authorities despite being in compliance with international standards. 

  • Employer liability arising from electrocution of a construction worker who was severely injured during excavation work when he accidently came into contact with high voltage underground cable. 


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