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Expert Testimony

When providing evidence and establishing certain facts before a tribunal or court, information is either presented in a written report or in person, through expert witness testimony.  

Our experts have acted as expert witnesses in different tribunals and courts for multiple cases, presenting opinions based on well-established scientific methods and engineering principles. No matter how complex are the issues, our experts have managed to provide clear and concise explanation to assist trier of facts in complex litigation.     

Expert specialists are called before a court to ascertain relevant facts and to provide necessary information about specialist systems and complex engineering principles, in order that the court has enough information to a decision. 

On a number of occasions, CEERISK experts have been called upon to provide expert witness testimony on matters related to construction defect and delays, manufacturing defect and liability, subrogation, power generation and energy, root cause analysis of fires resulting from failures, in addition to disputes about international regulation and standards. 

Our experts have provided evidence in a tribunal or court setting worldwide, including jury trials in multiple jurisdictions in the United States, different courts in UK including Technology and Construction Court and other tribunals in the MENA region including the DIFC. 

We have experience providing concurrent expert evidence (“CEE”) or as famously known “hot-tubbing” where experts from both sides are examined and cross-examined by the court at the same time. Our experts have undergone rigorous cross-examination in the past. 

Additionally, our experts have acted as a single joint expert on multiple cases in the past, approaching the subject from a non-biased perspective with solely the interest of providing the most accurate, relevant engineering information and establishing certain key facts. 


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