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Our experts are backed by supporting services including forensic laboratories, industry specialists and experienced expert witnesses who will ensure that investigations are thorough, and opinions are formulated based on solid evidence and established methodology.   

Formulating opinions relies heavily on scientific facts and adheres closely to recognised scientific methods and applicable engineering standards. Cognizant of court rulings with regard to expert opinions in the USA, UK and other jurisdictions, we ensure to provide the scientific methods used to reach the opinions.   

All our investigative reports and opinions are peer reviewed before being published in draft or final form. Our opinions always subjected to rigorous scrutiny by colleagues to ensure they provide they are based solid foundations. 

We make sure the complex technical issues we uncovered during our investigation which we relied upon to formulate our opinions are clearly documented and concisely presented. We will dedicate the necessary time to explain our opinions and respond to any questions presented to us. 


For more information or to contact one of our experts please call us on +44 (0)20 86141444