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Machinery Breakdown Risk Studies

Heavy industries as well as energy intensive occupancies rely on the continuous operation of their machines to survive and thrive in today’s marketplace. Breakdown of critical machinery and plant equipment can result in significant financial losses that in turn can jeopardise the commercial position of a company.

Most engineering placements will include inspections as part of ensuring the safety of plants and machinery. However, traditional property and fire risk surveys may not be adequate for predicting and preparing for catastrophic damage caused by machinery breakdown. It is therefore essential to conduct a detailed and accurate assessment of the risk of breakdown, the consequential potential damage, and the resulting business interruption.

CEERISK experts are well versed in the  evaluation and assessment of machinery breakdown risks in many heavy industries. From the rotating kiln in a cement plant to the highly sophisticated six-axis CNC machine in an aluminium forming plant, our experts have provided detailed analysis of breakdown risk across a wide assortment of industries.

Our experts have been involved with many types of occupancies including cement plants, aluminium forming & coating, steel, fertilisers, petrochemicals, pulp & paper, power generators (including renewable energy), boilers, and central heating.

The scope of our involvement can include:

  • Identification of critical equipment and their interdependencies
  • Assessment of condition monitoring plans and their effectiveness and adequacy
  • Evaluation of applied inspection and maintenance procedures
  • Review of operational and human factors that could impact the longevity of machines
  • Inspection, review and assessment of spare parts management policies
  • Evaluation of contingency plans and their effectiveness
  • Analysis of the loss potential for machinery breakdown and the impact of the potential ensuing business interruption
  • Analysis of ageing to assess the probability of failure in critical machinery


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