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Water Escape: Forensic investigation techniques to determine the root cause

It is estimated that insurers are paying out around £2 million every day for water escape claims. Water escape is one of the significant risks faced by most properties. The damage caused by these incidents might extend and affect the property itself, the equipment within the property and stored items. With consideration to all of these factors, should significant damages occur it would cost large amounts for claims.

Finding the root cause for these losses might be difficult considering the condition of the site, but to do so is very important. Nonetheless underwriters must still do so as the findings can affect the claim and renewal of the policy going forward after a loss of this nature.

This webinar is designed specifically for insurance underwriters, claims handlers and loss adjusters to give information that will assist participants in understanding different types of water escape losses and how they happen in different properties. This webinar will also look at how experts investigate these losses. The presenter will present real life case studies where water escape has caused damages to property and discuss about the root cause of incidents and prompt insurers to investigate. Information will be provided that can be used by professionals concerned with investigating the causes different type of water escape losses, the extent of damage, mitigation and reinstatement options, as well as those responsible for evaluating the risk of water escape.

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