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Investigating Transformer Failure: Determining Cause through Interpretation of DGA Results

Large power transformers are critical pieces of equipment making the backbone of the transmission and distribution networks.  Failure of a transformer can cause a complete shutdown, which can cost hundreds of thousands if not few million dollars in property damage as well as significant business interruption.  The highly combustible oil in large transformers poses serious risk to surroundings in case of a fire.  It can also provide clues to the complex investigation of the cause of failure.   

This webinar looks at the failure mechanisms in transformers and the different techniques used to investigate losses that arise in conjunction with transformer failure. The webinar will focus on the role the Dissolved Gas Analysis plays in the investigation process and how the results of the DGA should be interpreted when examining the failure mode and the cause of failure.

The speaker will explain the main engineering issues involved in investigating failure of power transformers and will look at case studies to explain the principles of investigating transforms failure using DGA as an investigative tool