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Critical Infrastructure Siting Risk: Proximity Analysis

Sitting of critical infrastructure like massive data centres, hospitals, power plants and other types of properties, is a complex process that includes the analysis of the location to ensure it is safe, efficient and appropriate for the project. This webinar will focus on availability and reliability of critical services at a given location including electrical supply, fresh water, waste treatment, communication, transportation and other services. When implementing critical infrastructure, siting all potential areas to build on is a necessary step before any planning can even begin. Considerations such as the makeup of the ground as well as access to other critical infrastructure—such as water and electricity—are critical factors, as are exposures to natural hazards, including rainfall, wind exposure, extreme temperatures and snowfall, among others.

This webinar looks at what is involved in the proximity analysis when scouting for locations on which to build critical infrastructure. The presenter will look at past case studies, as well as current concerns that are being raised in light of climate change and other global factors.