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Shipping Damage to Power Cables Destined for use at a Solar Plant

After arriving at port in Jordan, a container full of special power cables designed for use to connect PV panels in a solar power plant was found damaged in a way that allowed water to infiltrate the container and contaminate all the cables. CEERISK engineers were asked to closely examine the shipment of cables and determine the nature and extent of exposure to water. They were also asked to perform chemical analysis to determine the source of the water in an attempt to determine the time when the damage to the container occurred.

Following examination and testing of the shipment, CEERISK engineers were asked to conduct a comprehensive market research to determine the available options to reinstate the shipment to a condition allowing the re-use of the cables. Despite lockdown conditions and scarcity of resources, CEERISK engineers were able to deliver answers critical to expedited resolution of a complex claim.

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