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Fire at Poultry Farm in Ha'il Saudi Arabia

CEERISK was instructed to determine the cause and origin of a fire that broke out at a poultry farm outside of Ha'il, Saudi Arabia.

Our experts arrived at Ha'il International Airport, where we were greeted by our client, who then brought us to the poultry farm is in a remote area, which made it difficult for the civil defence services to respond quickly to the fire. Unfortunately, by the time they arrived, the fire had spread throughout the whole structure.

During our assessment, we examined the hangar’s steel structure, wiring system, diesel heaters and light fixtures. We also interviewed the maintenance personnel that worked at the site the day before the loss to gather information about the condition of the property before the loss.

After collecting information and identifying all the artefacts, we then conducted a thorough investigation and forensic testing of artefacts to identify the origin of the fire. We collaborated extensively with the loss adjusters who were engaged in the various stages of the inquiry throughout the investigation. We were able to identify the root cause of the incident for the property's loss adjusters and insurance.

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