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CEERISK Instructed to Provide Specialised Training

CEERISK has been instructed by a leading insurer in the MENA market to organise and provide specialised training to different clients across a number of industrial sectors.

On 14 July, 2020, Mr Mamoon Alyah, Managing Director at CEERISK, offered his insight into risk management in certain industrial settings as part of this initiative.

Using a forensic engineering approach to losses that occur in industrial plants, Mr Alyah worked backwards, by looking at contributing factors that lead to fires, machinery breakdown and other losses, and then discussing what plant risk management can to monitor conditions in a plant in order to prevent losses.

Training was attended by a number of professionals, including contractors, plant managers, brokers and insurance professionals. Audience members contributed a number of very thoughtful questions to a productive question-and-answer session.

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