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Mechanical Engineer Joins CEERISK

Abdullah Marei is the most recent engineer to join our team of experts in Amman, Jordan.

A graduate from the University of Jordan with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Marei joins our team as a Technical Consultant where he will be responsible for assessing engineering risks at industrial and commercial properties, in addition to investigating the root cause of incidents such as fire, contamination and breakdown. He will also assist with the determination of  nature and extent of damage and provide expertise that will assist clients in developing most efficient and cost effective reinstatement options.

Mr. Marei’s takes a particular interest is renewable energy, which has prompted him to do his internship with an energy company in Jordan working to deliver efficient energy systems to consumers. During his internship Mr. Marei assisted in the design and installation of PV systems, in addition to servicing and testing systems and surveying sites.

Mr. Marei is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and is additionally an Energy Manager in Training (EMIT).

In addition to his work with CEERISK, Mr. Marei volunteers on weekends to assist families in need in Jordan. In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar, as well as taking part in team sports such as football and basketball.

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