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Chemical Engineer Joins Team in Middle East

Ms. Bayan Saffouri is a chemical engineer with background in engineering processes in different industrial applications including pharmaceutical manufacturing, petrochemicals, and other industrial applications.

In her role at CEERISK, Bayan will support clients by providing technical analysis of manufacturing processes and risk assessment of different properties. She will also conduct conduct engineering risk assessments of electrical and mechanical systems in different types of properties, including schools, hospitals, power plants, commercial properties and industrial plants. She will also provide support to client to assist with loss mitigation following complex and major losses in different industries.

Bayan has received a number of qualifications and rewards for numerous topics, and has carried out research and design to develop an efficient separation technique that uses magnetic nanoparticles with functional coating to separate heavy metals and other contaminates from water which applies to the uranium mining industry in Jordan.

In addition, Bayan will be overseeing the efficient and timely delivery of engineering services to different clients by managing the service delivery steps and the client experience at CEERISK Consulting across all locations.

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