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Property & Casualty

Damage sustained to property, whether intentional or accidental, is covered by property and casualty insurance. This sector includes a broad range of insured entities such as universities, schools, medical centres, laboratories, entertainment venues, office buildings, shopping centres, and many other businesses. Determining the risks associated with specific properties is best concluded from the perspective of an engineer with experience working in a wide range of properties.

Our experts assist clients by conducting thorough and reliable forensic investigations to determine the root cause of accidents and by providing detailed reports aimed at identifying the root cause and the circumstances that contributed to the occurrence of the loss. In addition, with a vast practical experience in the sector, our experts provide assistance in navigating the reinstatement process in order to return a property to its original capacity.

Our capability in investigating and handling an extensive range of incidents including fire, earthquake damage, flood, wind damage, contamination, and electrical damage allows us to help resolve major and complex losses in this sector. Over the years, our experts have been asked to investigate and recommend reinstatement options in cases such as:

  • Contamination of medical equipment in a hospital following a flood caused by heavy rain
  • Heat damage to the structure of a shopping centre following an extensive fire
  • Fire cause and origin in a large shopping centre
  • Damage to stock in warehouse used to store electrical components

In addition, our experts have experience preparing reports for litigation while acting as an expert witness or party wall surveyor in instances where the courts have been involved.


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