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In today’s global economy, the marine sector is a complicated and involved industry that includes shipping, commercial fleets, shipbuilding, marine energy, and aquaculture, as well as multiple aspects of the transport process between the point of origin and its final destination. The services provided by the marine industry are not without risk, and in the unfortunate event of an accident, mistakes in this industry often prove to be incredibly costly.

The nature of the marine industry can present several challenges for business owners and insurers alike. We assist our clients by providing detailed risk surveys from an engineering perspective, and technical consulting aimed to minimise these risks, along with detailed reports to help in determining causation following an accident or incident.

Over the years, our experts have been asked to use their expertise in cases involving risk engineering, forensic engineering investigations, and claims consulting. Examples include:

  • Investigating the nature and extent of damage to large power transformers dropped during installation
  • Investigating damage to hi-tech enterprise services during shipping
  • Investigating a fire in a shipping port in Saudi Arabia

In addition, our experts have experience preparing reports for litigation while acting as an expert witness or party wall surveyor in instances where the courts have been involved.


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