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A variable and flexible sector, engineering covers an extensive range of industries including but not limited to aluminium, steel, fertiliser, woodworking, and textile plants. An engineer’s perspective is best for understanding the potentially devastating risks faced by projects in this sector, and for eliminating confusion in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Our experts assist our clients by providing detailed risk surveys to help minimise risks, as well as detailed reports aimed to help determine causation following an unexpected incident and aid navigating the reinstatement process to return a project to its original capacity.

Our experts originate from a range of backgrounds, including electrical, mechanical, industrial, and chemical engineering, in addition to scientists in specific fields. Because of this, we are able to provide reliable engineering perspectives to the risks inherent in what is often considered a vast industry that includes many factors that are often unpredictable.

Over the years, our experts have relied on their extensive experience in cases involving risk engineering, forensic engineering investigations, and claims consulting. Our involvement has included:

  • Risk assessment of fertilizer plants in Jordan
  • Fire cause and origin investigation of chemical plants in the UK
  • Investigation of reinstatement options in large printing presses
  • Investigation of contamination to heavy machinery

In addition, our experts have experience preparing reports for litigation while acting as an expert witness or party wall surveyor in instances where the courts have been involved.


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