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Risk Assessment for World's Largest Integrated Health Campus in Ankara, Turkey

Experts travelled to Ankara to carry out a survey for the construction site of the largest integrated health campus in the world. The multiple buildings, including the Main Hospital, a physical rehabilitation centre, mechanical buildings, a forensic hospital, a hotel, and multiple mechanical rooms, were in the final stages of completion, with the finishing works being applied and furniture installed.

Our experts conducted a walkthrough of several buildings, noting the storage of chemicals and chemical waste storage, a warehouse for construction material, and the temporary electrical distribution system.

The temporary electrical system, comprising of twelve transformers and many temporary distribution panels, will be decommissioned as the permanent electrical utilities are installed.

At this time, OEMs and subcontractors are still carrying out final works, especially in mechanical rooms, including flushing, pressurising, testing and programming for the PLC of all mechanical equipment.

Our risk analysts are currently reviewing documentation and conditions on the ground to provide an assessment of the hazards present on the construction site, as well as to rate the management and control plans and their implementation.

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