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Risk Assessment for Ageing Paper Mill and Cogeneration Plant in Saudi Arabia

CEERISK experts visited the ageing paper manufacturing plant in Dammam to carry out a walk-through of the plant, which is currently undergoing many upgrades and overhauls.

The plant operates three paper machines of differing ages, as well as a co-generation unit with three steam turbines to supply power to the operations rather than rely on municipal-supplied electricity.

Risk of machinery breakdown across the plant is heightened due to the age of the property. However, management has begun operations to overhaul certain critical components, including the steam turbines and boilers.

Due to the nature of the business, the risk of fire spread is heightened as over 11,000 tonnes of raw material are stored on-site, including wastepaper, cardboard,and carton, all of which are very flammable. Our experts reviewed the storage and raw-material handling policies, which we found to be robust and proactive.

Through meetings with management and staff, we ascertained that a qualified team of engineers and operators who manage the operation on site and identify the various levels of responsibility and authority required to respond to emergencies caused by both natural and man-made hazards.


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