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Technical Consultant Joins Team in Amman, Jordan

​​​Following a successful and very productive internship with CEERISK, Samer Alia joins our team as a Technical Consultant from our office in Amman, Jordan.

Samer, a graduate from Al Balqa’ Applied University, is a mechanical engineer who has studied fluid power, thermodynamics, energy conversion, and thermal design for power plants and residential buildings.

In addition to his interest in thermal energy, Samer also has a particular interest in renewable energy, including photovoltaic panels and CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) plants that harness irradiation of the sun to generate electrical power.

Since working with us, Samer has participated in forensic investigations to identify the root cause of failures. He assisted in the investigation of root cause of failure of large utility-scale PV plant in north Jordan, attending site inspections and helping with the climate research which was a part of the investigation. 

Additionally, Samer has contributed to risk assessments of management and control systems. He was responsible for researching emergency response plans that dealt with fire safety and other types of hazards on construction sites and in industrial properties. 

When Samer is not working he can be found playing football or practicing to play the oud, a string instrument popular in the Middle East. He also advances his own studies about mechanical engineering independently, in addition to using his background in science to help family members with their own studies in mathematics and physics.

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