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Project Coordinator Joins UAE Office as CEERISK Expands

CEERISK expand its capabilities in the UAE with Sreedevi Maniyankettil who joins the local team as as a Project Coordinator responsible for coordinating major and complex projects delivered to clients in the Middle East.

With our rapid growth into the UAE and surrounding markets in the Middle East, and to provide our clients with a superior level of service that suits their needs and expectations on large and complex projects, it has become essential to add a professional with Sreedevi’s background and experience to coordinate the teams of experts delivering different services to the clients.

Sreedevi received her Bachelor of Arts in History in 2001 from St Mary’s College, Thrissur and her Master of Arts in English Language and Literature in 2004 from Vimala College, Thrissur, both at Calicut University in Kerala, India. Sreedevi is multilingual, speaking English, Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil.

Following graduation from university, Sreedevi has spent several years coordinating large projects to key stakeholders in the UAE, Sreedevi has built a formidable expertise and developed impressive skills to ensure large and complex projects run smoothly and exceed the clients expectations.

Since joining CEERISK, Sreedevi has been involved in coordinating projects that involve large numbers of experts developing bespoke risk management systems and risk assessment tools for key clients in the UAE. She is also overseeing registration of CEERISK as a service provider to key clients in the GCC region.

Although based in the United Arab Emirates, Sreedevi works closely with clients and our international team of experts and with all clients, liaising with all parties to complete the project. Sreedevi is also responsible for the control of documents throughout the lifecycle of the project, including monitoring all documents received and created, and communicating all information between internal and external stakeholders.

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