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Projects & Construction

Construction law involves a number of stakeholders that are involved in any step of the construction project, from land and property owners, builders, contractors and sub-contractors to suppliers of complex systems. From early stages of a construction project, lawyers help negotiate contracts and agreements between all of these parties. 

At multiple points during the construction project, disagreements and disputes may arise that require for a lawyer to work to resolve these. And when resolution is not easily attained, from time to time disputes occur. These disputes may relate to delays and extensions, construction defects, professional negligence, and matters that arise as a consequence of losses that occur on construction. 

Regardless of what the circumstances of the dispute are, it is necessary to ascertain facts about the nature of the dispute and understand not just the legal issues, but more importantly, the engineering issues involved. That’s when the involvement of an experienced, well-rounded engineering expert becomes an advantage to one or all parties involved. 

CEERISK experts have served repeatedly to assist lawyers of different stakeholders investigate the issues, understand the facts and present opinions that clarify to the court the positions of parties involved.  We have worked with parties to resolve these issues in court as well as in arbitration. Our experts have experience working in different parts of the world, including the Middle East, Australia and Europe. 

Our expertise covers different types of construction projects including: 

  • Commercial properties such as shopping malls, high rise buildings and hotels 

  • Industrial plants including warehouses 

  • Oil and gas including midstream and down stream  

  • Petrochemical plants 

  • Power and energy generation, including conventional and renewable energy construction project


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